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How would I convert this promise to an async / await function?

Here's my Promise:

$(document).ready(function() {
	const fetchData = () => {
	  const promise = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
		setTimeout(() => {
		  resolve("Loose Cannon Fitness");
		}, 100);
	  return promise;

	setTimeout(() => {
	  console.log("Smith and Gone");
	  .then(text => {
	}, 200);


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How would I convert that to an "async / await" dynamic?
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Julian Hansen
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As always, thank you for a thorough explanation!

What you've got works, but I've got one more related question and let me qualify it by saying that at this point, it's not about practical application as much as it's for my own edification.

Could I write "fetchData" as an anonymous function? Not that I would necessarily do that in a practical setting, but I was curious.

You'll find that question at

As always, thank you for your time, bud!
You are welcome. (will respond in your other thread)
Rock on!