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3CX VoIP phones in UAE

I wonder if you could help us with the phone configuration in Dubai.

We have a 3CX phone system in the Uk
We’ve just rented some space in a service office in Dubai
And have arranged  for Port 5060 (inbound, UDP) for SIP communications and
Port 9000-10999 (inbound, UDP) for RTP (Audio) communications to be opened on their firewall and linked to the IP addresses of the phones in the office.

We are told that the public ip is which can be used to access the services (I don’t under this part)
However the phone are showing a SIP error and not currently working.

We’ve only two full days left in the Dubai office and I am reaching the edge of my understanding.

Would you be able to assist ?

Kind Regards

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Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )
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Is your 3CX hosted locally, or on the cloud? If it's hosted locally, most posts seem to indicate that it's a firewall issue. You could check that by turning off your firewall temporarily (but be sure to turn it back on immediately)

Are you using the 3CX webclient, or physical phones? If you're using physical phones, have you seen this article:

PS - I'm no 3CX expert by ANY means, but I just got through setting up my 3CX cloud hosted system and may have run into the same issues as you.


It is not completely clear whether your 3CX Server is located in the office in UAE, or in the UK / elsewhere, but I am inferring that your server is in the UK?

If it is NOT in the office in the UAE, then none of the port forwarding at that location should be relevant - you just provision your phones using the address / IP of the 3CX Server, wherever it is, and away you go, since the phones (whether desktop or on your mobile handsets) are making the connection to the server.  The only other possibility is that your firewall in the UAE office is blocking outgoing connections.  That would be unusual, but if so, then allow the phones to make outgoing connections to whatever ports your 3CX Server is listening on.

What is very relevant is whether you have the appropriate ports open at the location of your 3CX Server (which I believe is in the UK).  To test that, run the firewall test on 3CX at that location.

If you have a 3CX Server in the office in the UAE, please post back with that confirmation.


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Ian Price
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