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Raneesh A

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GPUpdate error.

Dear Team,

Recently we have upgarded our AD from 2008 R2 to 2016 .

When i do readmin everything is ysncing .
But when i use gpudate i am getting error on 2016 DCs but successful is 2008R2.

Can you please help me sort this.
I have attached the screenshot also.
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Shabarinath TR
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Hello Raneesh,

Could you please confirm if the sysvol is fully synchronized to the new 2016 DC?

Repadmin will only show the Active Directory Database level sync status. Sysvol is using FRS or DFS for syncing.

You can navigate to the Sysvol folder on the C drive of 2016 domain controller and check if the policy path matching the GUID is synced.

If the content is synced, then look for the network layer if the required ports are allowed from the client machine to the new domain controller.

Cheers !

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Hello There

Please run and post here results of:
repadmin /replsummary
repadmin /showrepl

Open in new window

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Dear Shabarinath,
 I can see both having the same policy in the sysvol. It is using DFSR. I also done an D2 and D4 .
Hi I attached the summary of the result
also the mentioned the group policy  is not there in the policy folder on any dc.
Can you check event log for any related errors?

Can you run repadmin /syncall to sync DCs??
Maybe you need to migrate from FRS to DFS Replication using the DFSRMIG command?
We already done and it’s in state 4

Hello Raneesh,

If you look at the error message, it says that the Computer policy has ended up in error.

While user policy got applied successfully.

That gives a different dimension for the issue.

Could you please check what is configured on the computer section of that GPO?

Is there any specific error on the domain controller related with GPOs?

Cheers !


When i google it , the missing object showing default. Is there any way we can regerate it.
It looks like the Default Domain Policy and gpt.ini file is missing.  I dont have a backup.Is thereany way to re create it.

I dont have any policies created on Default. But i have  lot of custom GPO policies created.
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Jeff Glover
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Thanks Team for supporting

This is a DFS error not and AD error and recreating/resetting GPO will not fix it