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free Android apps to restrict apps that users can run/install & verify if it's rooted

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Last Modified: 2020-02-17
I'm looking for free Android apps (that's without ads) for

a) locking (ie block) users from installing/running apps that
    we don't endorse.  Smart App Lock free version comes
    with ads

b) that our Helpdesk can just tap/launch & it'll verify if the
    Android tablet is rooted/jail-broken

Ideally the apps recommended will work when the Android
is updated, easy to use & have good user ratings.  We are
looking at a Samsung tablet.
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If the apps come with ads, we can accept, just
hope there's not too many of it that it annoys
users & hopefully the ads won't pose a security
/spam threat :  treat it that we've blocked
browsers from being launched
IT Manager
Distinguished Expert 2019
The first requirement of "Locking (ie block) users from installing/running apps that we don't endorse. Smart App Lock free version comes with ads" is only technically feasible if such an app is the device administrator of the Android devices.

If the app is free, your concern for security/spam threat is very likely to be real as you shall run of control over the Android devices.

There is no free lunch when you want to make it work in a secure way.
KimputerIT Manager

Most Samsung Android apps already come with user management. Release the tablets to your user with only user access. Have the admin push only the the allowed apps to this user.