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Excel file is too big compared to few data it contains

Dear Experts

I have excel table which contains just few rows and columns of data. Originally table was big with many sheets and lot of data, but before I receive it, sender removed all sheets and left only single sheet with one summary table.

Problem - excel file is BIG - 24 MB.

I tried simply thing, created new sheet, empty one and DELETED the original one with summary table, saved and ...... size is the same.

So now, I have excel file which seems to be very empty, just having 24 MB.

Can you advice where is problem and how to shring size down to something reasonable?


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Hi, 12 kB .-)

So I know this would be easy workaround, but just curious, what is in that bloody file which makes it so big?
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It happens with long running files where things are added, deleted etc over years and years. Call it a bug, but it has existed in most Excel version for the past few decades.

An Excel File might:
a. have several hidden "Sheets".
b. be connected to a Data Source that stored large amount of Data in the Excel File itself.
c. was very BIG and AFAIK there is no "Auto Shrink".
d. ...

What you've got is what happens to me and my Users every now and then and usually happens with Files connected to Data Source. There's little you can do but Copy/Paste. Regards.
Usually, it caused by following:
1.Millions of  condition format
>Click condition format to clean it

2.Invisible object/shape (copied again and again by user)
>Ctrl+G >Object, then you will find all objects,  delete all if you do not need it
>Another way, select one object or shape, go to format menu, click show all; you will all objects/shapes, delete the one you do not need it.

Usually, user copied data from web site or other web based report may cause this issue.

If it's OK, you can upload the file, I can help to find if it's really big or not.

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