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Best Speech-To-Text apps?

Hello - I have to watch a large number of online videos, and would like to convert the speech to text or MS Word.
What's the current best software tool for this? Doesn't have to be free, just maybe low hundreds.
I'm using Windows 10 Pro and Office 365.

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Kesavan Jeganarayanan
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Mark LaGrange


Thanks for your response, Kesavan - I just tried this out, and it looks like it only works for dictation through the laptop microphone. I need something that will pick up the audio from the laptop speaker (the voice from the online video I am watching).

Also, I would prefer that it doesn't pass through "the cloud".

Thanks again.
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Have you tried Windows Speech Recognition? 

Also refer this link for some alternatives.

I am very sorry - I completely forgot I had this question still open.
I eventually came to realize my best bet was to just guts through transcribing the videos myself.
Thanks for your help, and again, I'm very sorry for taking so long to close this out.