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Could you clear why this Controller method isn't called as expected?

Hi Experts

Could you clear why this Controller method isn't called as expected?

Accordingly with a previous question this form have 02 phases

1st: Upload a picture to a defined path - In my tests by using  
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Storage;

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It's perfectly locally uploaded.

2nd  The image url and details must to be saved at the table Vitrines

So, this method is called

Vitrine.prototype.salvar = function(){
  console.log ('JS salvar');  // Pass here
    url: '/admin/vitrine/salvar',
    method: "POST",
    data: {
      _token: $('input[name="_token"]').val(),
      id: $('#id').val(),
      url: $('#url').val(),
      inicio: $('#inicio').val(),
      termino: $('#termino').val(),
      title: $('#title').val(),
      description: $('#description').val(),
      points: $('#points').val()
      hotsite.openModalCustom("Erro", data.responseText, "Entendi", "error");
    success: function(data){
      hotsite.openModalCustom("Sucesso ao salvar", data.retorno, "Entendi", "success");

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This method is configured at routes


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But it doesn't seen it's called at VitrineController

 public function salvar(Request $request){
       info('Em salvar');

       //----------It must to stop here if it's called. But not.


        $titulo = $request->input('title');
        $descricao = $request->input('description');
        $pontuacao = $request->input('points');
            if($id != '' &&  $id > 0){
              $vitrine = Vitrine::find($id);
              $vitrine = new Vitrine();
              $vitrine->created_at=new \DateTime();
            $vitrine->title = $titulo;
            $vitrine->description = $descricao;
            $vitrine->points = CustomFuncs::brancoParaNulo($pontuacao);
            $vitrine->url = $url;
            $vitrine->validity_start = empty($inicio) ? null : CustomFuncs::formatarDataUS($inicio);
            $vitrine->validity_end = empty($inicio) ? null : CustomFuncs::formatarDataUS($termino);
            $vitrine->updated_at=new \DateTime();
        } catch (\Exception $e) {
            return response()->json(new Resultado(true,'','Erro ao salvar o vídeo'), 400);
        return response()->json(new Resultado(false,'','Vídeo cadastrado com sucesso'));

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And a success message is presented by the above JS code:
 User generated image

But nothing is saved at table Vitrines.

Could you check?

Thanks in advance
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Chris Stanyon
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Hi Chris

Something wrong occured:

  User generated image
That looks like you're trying to use Passport but haven't installed it correctly. You need to run

php artisan passport:install

so that the correct keys are created in the storage folder.

I'm seeking the routes....
Once you've got Passport isntalled correctly, then run the php artisan route:list command and you'll see a list of all your routes.
So, I have:

For vitrines:
User generated image
For videos:
User generated image
Something different on the middleware...
The routes:

/* Vitrine  EF 2020 */
// Rota adicionada:

/* Vídeos */
Route::get('/videos', 'VideoController@index')->middleware('cadastro')->middleware('auth');
Route::get('/videos/{type}/filtrar', 'VideoController@filtrar')->middleware('cadastro')->middleware('auth');
Route::post('/videos/watched', 'VideoController@watched')->middleware('cadastro')->middleware('auth');
Route::get('/videos/sugestao', 'VideoController@sugestionIndex')->middleware('cadastro')->middleware('auth');
Route::post('/videos/sugestao', 'VideoController@sugestion')->middleware('cadastro')->middleware('auth');

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Isn't it a matter of to change the middleware to 'auth' ?
This project has a folder routes

And the file  admin.php controls it too (I guess)

 User generated image

I think we're missing a vital part of your Route setup. In the screenshots you've just shown me, your route is setup like

Route::get('/videos/obter', 'VideoController@obter');

But when you run route:list, it clearly shows that the routes have the admin url prefix and the admin namespace added to them. This leads me to believe that somewhere in your routes setup, you're declaring a prefix('admin') and a namespace('admin'), but you haven't shown any of that.

That's a vital part of getting your routes set up correctly.
I don't know if I really understood what you meant....

In your example the method "obter" is under admin folder:

User generated image
User generated image
I adjusted the web.php to  consider the route outside \admin\    by using VitrinesController ( at participants area like all the other existents methods)


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The method is reached.

My dificulty now is to understand why does it subtly exit the method returning to JS as OK aparently doing nothing - doesn't allow trace nothing.

If I force an error I see it capture it.

     public function salvar(Request $request){

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But that's would be another subject...

Thank you for the help!
No worries Eduardo. Glad I could help.