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I have a FIREBIRD  data base connected by OBDC

Using VB6 i can call  customer data wich is in 2 tables located

first call    SELECT * FROM stammkunde where KUNDENNR = '         7'
will return  only the name  and phone and of customer and email in that table
and a second key     ADRKUNDID  value  to use in next call  

to make second call to other tabel  stammadresse
SELECT * FROM stammadresse  where  ADRESSID  =  ADRKUNDID

 this second table stammadresse contains

STRASSE  from   (stammadresse    street
PLZ            (from  (stammadresse    Zip
ORT           (from  (stammadresse    City

I need to update in both table the here showed fields with new data
please advise teh syntax for both SQL 's   to realize this update in VB6
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John Tsioumpris
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Have you tried the official Documentation :
Also is not very clear what you want to update with values coming from where ?
UPDATE stammadresse SET STRASSE  ='AAA',PLZ ='123',ORT = 'Berlin' WHERE <YourCriteria>

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I tried this  in a console program  (Interbase Query

SELECT *  FROM  stammadresse  WHERE ADRESSID  = '0000000009'
is ok will give

ADRESSNR     ADRESSID     ANREDE                                     NACHNAME            
CHAR(10)     CHAR(10)     CHAR(40)                                   CHAR(40)      
9            0000000009                                                 jack niekerk sample    

1 row(s) fetched (1 row(s) listed).
Exec time: 0.00 s / Fetch time: 0.02 s

thus found

then i try this

UPDATE stammadresse SET NACHNAME  ='bernard niekerk finall'   WHERE ADRESSID  = '0000000009'

will give

[#1: UPDATE]
invalid request BLR at offset 139
function FB_UDF_PADLEFT is not defined
module name or entrypoint could not be fout

Or in vb6
works ok:

  strSQL = "SELECT *  FROM  stammadresse  WHERE ADRESSID  = '0000000009'
  Rst.Source = Trim(strSQL)

then the update
error in vb6 also

The arguments are of the wrong type The arguments are of the wrong type, fall outside the permitted range or conflict with each other type, fall outside the allowed range or conflict with each other
err no 3001
How about working with a graphical UI like :sql manager lite for interbase and firebird
A little rereading showed that you have a UDF named : FB_UDF_PADLEFT
this " little rereading showed that you have a UDF named : FB_UDF_PADLEFT""  says nothing to me ??   i am download the mentioned program
if there is something on the market , even if to pay for it,  to do the update call by command line , i would be happy
When you find the "culprit" you could update it no matter where you execute it from...
If its command line then Firebird has its own command line...but since you are using VB6 you just issue the UPDATE command and of you go....
Also the FB_UDF_PADLEFT should be a User Defined Function that you defined it (or someone else for you)...i guess it was to pad with the extra characters to fill the 40 characters
try this statement
UPDATE stammadresse SET NACHNAME  ='                  bernard niekerk finall'   WHERE ADRESSID  = '0000000009'

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tried that one , samer error  what i do see in the tabel viewer wich means nothing to me is this

this is a bit strange as this function returns a string of 4096 chars long
anyway...can you try
UPDATE stammadresse SET NACHNAME  =FB_UDF_PADLEFT('bernard niekerk finall')   WHERE ADRESSID  = '0000000009'

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Correction the maximum Length allowed..
Again reading the docs

UPDATE stammadresse SET NACHNAME  =ibe_PadLeft('bernard niekerk finall')   WHERE ADRESSID  = '0000000009'

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Some more reading...sry never have found similar case
UPDATE stammadresse SET NACHNAME  =ibe_PadLeft('bernard niekerk finall',' ',40)   WHERE ADRESSID  = '0000000009'

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No luck,
How about using the ide to manually change a value ? is this allowed or you still get a message
on this  NACHNAME  =ibe_PadLeft('bernard n

[#1: UPDATE]
Dynamic SQL Error
SQL error code = -804
Function unknown
Now this is something...i think somehow the library BizerbaUDF has to be declared.
Can you take a look here :
and check if the BizerbaUDF.dll (or if Linux) is present
i use this (see image)  to test  then in VB6 IDE  both give errosUser generated image
Firebird is a bit picky..check if you need the space removed...but the problem is that IBE_PADLEFT is missing.....
Just run a simple
SELECT *  FROM  stammadresse  WHERE ADRESSID  = '0000000009'
and in the Result Buffer...just try to change the value manually
these  BizerbaUDF.dll   are not present,  for reading it was never needed,  i think its not downloadable somewere due to Bizerba the
manufacturer for this cashdrawer software    wll not share that

I know little to nothing about Firebird, but:
According to the documentation, it support triggers (

According to your symptoms, it looks like there is a trigger running when you perform an update operation on the table.
The trigger seems to call the FB_UDF_PADLEFT function wich does not exist anymore.

You might want to check this.

I think its best to contact them....they surely know more about their product.
ok will send them mail with this issue, keep you informed
thanks for help sofar  Regards
@Fabrice should be correct...
There is a chance that you could drop the trigger ...if you have a backup you can test it..
and then use the builtin commands of Firebird to perform the padding.
LPAD,RPAD...can pad nicely with the need of an elusive external function
please sample syntax,   backup we have plenty!
You can query the RDB$FUNCTIONS table...find the triggers applied to your table...drop the ones that deal with the UPDATE and perform the update ...maybe manipulate the trigger to use one of the above FB functions to substitute its functionality without the need of an external function library
More info here :
Just run a select on RDB$FUNCTIONS...filter the table..
get the triggers
find the problematic one
delete it or alter or disable :
run your update
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John Tsioumpris
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found list of all triggers but none for  stammadresse
all kins of othersUser generated image
maybe is named differently...check the records of the are seeing the complete definition of trigger
ok keep you informed,   there  is no way , mayby third party software >?  to force updating a record  if I  can not solve i have to hire someone and give hin copy database ans let him write something to force it    Got mail from Bizerba , no programmer support  .   just sales is their interest
Great support...
no , very bad ,  you have any interest to develop something (payable)
i would like to take a look me privately
Email adres please?
just pm here.... i don't think its allowed to share it here...
John is a real expert in solving this incuding the source needed for VB6 to get it done, great!!!
Thanks Jack
we are working on the server version now!