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Files with weird creation dates

carbonbase asked

I need to provide our company with details of files created before 1999.  Having done a scan of our shared drives I'm seeing some files with creation dates like 1st January 1980, 1st January 1970, 31st December 1979.  I think it's unlikely these files where actually created on these dates.  In the past I've even seen creation dates like 1900, 1920 etc.  

Could anyone let me know why I'm seeing the strange file creation dates?
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1/1/1980 and 1/1/1970 might be the result os a PC with default date and low CMOS Battery. When Battery is low it doesn't keep date/time and as a result each time it boots it reverts to 1/1/1980 or 1970 depending on how old is the PC.
31/12/1079 might be the result of a manual PC date.
1900 and 1920 might be a misinterpretation of a 2 year digit.


Hey great explanation, something I can tell my boss that makes sense.