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Second Drive VM

I have just had a product update go very very bad on a VM.

I am restoring from the backup from before started doing anything right now.

The VM had two drives C and D.

D is just a data drive.

My question is. Will I be able to use the .VHD file for the secondary drive? Or will I need to restore from a backup also.

I mean it depends what the upgrade did however I don't think the data on this drive was changed.
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You can attach the current VHD, just select SCSI controller - hard disk and pick the file.


Thanks. I am just waiting on the restore to finish and thinking of my next move as the data drive is large.

If I'm understanding your question you want to know if you can "just restore the C: drive" and leave the D (Data) drive alone

If my understanding is correct, that would depend on what was used for your backup

Typically you should be able to choose what is restored:
Partial (only certain files or drives etc) or everything