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SYSVOL to DFSR, One Server migration state stuck but looks OK locally

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Last Modified: 2020-02-14
Following a step by step from techcommunity.microsoft.com, which closely matches a few other step by steps guides I was reviewing at the same time for consistency.

All health checks passed on all DCs prior to initial step "dfsrmig /setGlobalState 1".
(execept 'expected' errors when running the health checks on 2012R2 DCs using FRS for sysvol replication - and yes this should have happened when we first migrated to 2012R2 DCs, but apparently that step was overlooked)  I ran the following checks:
  •     dcdiag /e /c /d /v
  •     dcdiag /e /test:sysvolcheck /test:advertising

It's been 18+ Hrs since then, and all except one of the DCs moved into the global state 'prepared' as expected except one, which is still stuck at "Writeable DC".  

Locally, the sysvol folders appear to have replicated properly:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DFSR\Parameters\SysVols\Migrating SysVols> Local State = 1

I have found a few other online posts with this issue, and they all seem to refer to the same solution, but without a lot of detail, and what they've described seems to fit my situation.  They refer to the following in ADSIEdit:

CN=DFSR-LocalSettingsCNF:<hexnumber> under CN=<servername>,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=<domain>,DC=local with some DFSR Entrys.

They talk about deleted the "corresponding replications" for this server with the dfs administration tool.

and finally after the CN=DFSR-LocalSettingsCNF:<hexnumber> was empty in ADSIEdit, they delete it.  (I assume from ADSIEdit).

Here is an image showing how my situation in ADSI Edit appears similarly inconsistant:

snip from ADSI Edit showing inconsistancy
So, my questions are:
  1. How do I know what is the "corresponding replications"? in DFS Management?
  2. Does this look like I'm on the right track or is there a better way to target this issue?
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Distinguished Expert 2019

One check deals with whether replication was in sync while using FRS.

Dfsr migration which guide did you follow.?
How many DCs do you have?
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

Is the Writeable DC holding all of the FSMO Roles?
Thanks for engaging on this, Arnlold and Philip.  I answered my own question by toying with the other replicated folder and watching what happened in ASDIEdit.  My inclinations were correct, and I had my DCs complete their migration last night.


I appreciate your interest in my issue but I figured it out on my own, thanks.
Distinguished Expert 2019

You might want to add what you did to resolve the issue for someone in a similar situation.