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Security using remote apps

I have a question about security when it comes to remote apps like TeamViewer. How secure is team viewer? Is the connection encrypted and how is it compared to if we were to VPN? What’s advisable in the area remoting into work
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Director, Information Systems

" How secure is team viewer?"

You'd have to ask the manufacturer (or parse the source code) to be sure.  It's probably as secure as it can be made today.  I want to say TeamViewer uses a reflector - a server between the two participants - which may be a place where data could be sniffed, but I'm not positive about that.

" how is it compared to if we were to VPN?"
A VPN encrypts all traffic between two endpoints.  How that compares to TeamViewer would depend on what you might use instead of TeamViewer.  You could use both, unless I'm right about the reflector.

" What’s advisable in the area remoting into work"
I make the few employees who work remotely use a VPN, then RDP into the machine they want to control.  I would not use a product that required a third party as a replacement for this type of connectivity.

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