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GP: PDF Page Gets Cutoff at the Bottom


In Microsoft Dynamics GP, upon clicking "Print", you have the option to choose a printer including Adobe PDF.  

As you read this, please keep in mind that the option "File...Print" when generating a PDF is not available.  So, please, no recommendation about unchecking that box that usually solves this problem.  

Anyway, no matter what Adobe PDF printer setting is changed, no matter whether Cute PDF Writer is tried, or this version, or that thing, or whatever.....nothing prevents the cut off of the bottom of each page of the printout.  I have gone to all of the web sites on this matter and no solution has worked.  It is beyond frustrating.

Ideas, please?

Thanks!  Much appreciated!

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Paul MacDonald
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It's not clear from your post how much of the data is cut off the bottom of the page, but one wonders if you're printing an 8.5x14 report to an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.

I've never used Dynamics, but I'd be surprised if, when you select a printer, there isn't a link to printer options where you could change the paper size (or adjust the margins, etc).  If this is not the case, you can always set up a printer (what you would call a print queue) that's already configured with the appropriate settings for this print job.


Which GP report is it?  Are you able to choose Screen as the destination?  If so, display the report on screen and see if the same problem exists when the report is rendered to screen.

If the problem is visible on screen, check to see if it's a modified report.  If so, it could be that the modified report has an issue that is truncating the page.

Steve Endow
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We had her choose to print directly to File in the Report Destination window and she was, then, able to print to PDF without page cutoff.
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