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Microsoft Visual Studio      2013 - Source Control - The path XXXX is already mapped in workspace YYYY

LeighWardle asked
Hi Experts,

I'm trying to map my Source Control Folder to my Local Folder.

I have set this up in the Edit Workspace dialog:

Edit Workspace dialog

So the Local Folder is D:\Dev-Ver7.0\VB.NET\VB.NET

But when I open the Source Control Explorer, the Local Path is shown as Not Mapped.

Clicking the Not Mapped hyperlink opens the Create a workspace mapping dialog:

Create a workspace mapping
The local folder is blank.  I pasted in the Local folder.
Clicking Map give this error:

The path D:\Dev-Ver7.0\VB.NET\VB.NET is already mapped in workspace SURFACE5_CIRCLY_7.0.

I have tried deleting the workspace and re-creating it, but still get the same error.

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Hi Experts,

I found the solution.

From Stackoverflow.com - TFS - “the server folder is not mapped” followed by “path already mapped in workspace”

Open Source Control Explorer
Change workspace in Workspace box (I had the wrong workspace!).