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Management of document / folder in PC

eemoon asked
Hi There are a lot documents, file and folder in PC. we often get them mess. Anyone can recommend an application for management of document / folder in PC?
Thank you
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Kesavan JeganarayananIT Consultant

Hi Eemoon

I am using Confluence. You can refer this link.


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what is wrong by making separate folders for different items?
you can give them appropriete names , and arrange them the way you want
or are there other requirements?
I would start with nobus' suggestion and only go to an add-on tool if the folder approach won't work for you.

The first part would be coming up with a list of sensible folder names.  Some people like to start with department names, others with customer names, others with project names, and some just go by date ranges (e.g. 2019_Jan-Mar).  Use whatever makes sense to your business needs and style.  Think of how you would organize these documents if they were printed and put in a physical file cabinet.

I always make a "2BeFiled" folder and put everything that isn't in an organized folder there.  As time permits, someone can go through that folder and move files to the appropriate folder.

I have a standard rule that there should be NO files in the root of the system.  For example, if you put everything in c:\Documents, there should only be folders in c:\Documents.  I follow a similar rule if there are top-level folders inside of there.  For example, if you have C:\Documents\Clients, C:\Documents\Projects, etc. there should only be folders in Clients and in Projects.

I always have a Misc folder so users have a place to put files (other than the root) when they don't see a logical place to put them.

I also have a 2Delete folder.  During a reorganization there likely will be files that you no longer think need to be kept.  Instead of deleting them, I'll put them in the 2Delete folder and instruct people to never access a file from there and then leave it there.  If it was accessed, then it shouldn't be deleted and should be moved to the appropriate folder.  Eventually, someone will get around to deleting the folder when it has been deemed long enough that no one has needed to access them.

I often make an Obsolete folder, either a single one or one inside another folder.  That's a good place to put old versions of documents.  You don't want them accessed as if they were current versions, but it can be useful to keep old versions for historical sake.  I like having them in a separate folder (instead of changing the name) to make it easier to find the current file and to keep the list of current files shorter.

The difficult part is coming up with the folder structure.  Think carefully about it.  If you choose well, maintaining and using the folder system shouldn't be difficult.

Lastly, don't put the same file in more than one folder.  If you want to access it from two different locations (e.g. Projects and Customers), then decide which should be the primary location and place a shortcut to the file in the other folder.


Thank you for your reply. I think nobus questions are good. after I check windows folder structure, i think it is also good. Thank you all.
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and be sure not to forget a good backup in one or more places...