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can't create CentOS linux VM in hyper V


I am creating hyper V CentOS VM but it seems never can reboot to server UI screen,  I see this screen when I was configuration the disk but I gave it 500GB, can't see why it can't see it.

User generated image

any reaosn why ?

disk space in total:

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the process only goes though UI, HYper -V manager and I learn from this:
if I tick custom storage I see this:

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I don't know how can I adjust each volumn, 25GB or 250GB should already large enougth for a CentOS to be install, right?
the points now, after centos SEEMS finsih installation and reboot, it should go to main OS UI screen for us to login, but it is not, it goes back to UI installation screen again and again !

User generated image
so this process NEVER finish

now I think I knows why evne I give the VM 25GB and the installation wizard shown me it has only few kb, it is because once the CentOS installation complete and it reboot , but it reboot to the installation wizard again, a lot of space has been toke up by previous installatoin.

So why the installation wizard start again after reboot? the setup process do not know how bypass it once reboot ?
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but for the first time we have to make it boot from CD-ROM right?
but one thing, once setup, how can we change the DNS setting of CentOS ? it seems the DNS is not correct
When the VM gets fired up it should boot from the optical/.ISO file.

Once the OS has finished booting setup is as usual.
any information on how to make linux box talk to each other in CentOS so that I can transfer rpm file between nodes?

also how to setup the linux VM so that windows 10 host those VM can connect to it using windows explorer so that I can share files between windows and linux ?
hi all,
how to connect Windows 10 to the local hype -V linux VM ? the IP address are on the same IP segment