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Why Can't We Access our Server 2016 Essentials RWA/Anywhere Access site Internally?

Working through some issues on a Server 2016 Essentials server and noticed that the remote web access portal site (remote, is not accessible internally (on the LAN) but works fine externally. If I ping the site internally from the Server 2016 Essentials server, it replies back with the public IP address of the server. This seems correct and matches what we see on other Server 2016 Essentials servers with Anywhere Access/RWA working internally and externally. Likewise, if we compare DNS settings (Forward Lookup Zones) between working and non-working servers, settings appear to be the same.

Internally, if I enter the public IP in a browser, the page does not resolve. Externally, it does resolve, as does the DNS address -

Running the Anywhere Access repair wizard did not address the issue. It completes successfully, but does not allow us to access the site internally on the same LAN as the server. Doesn't matter if I try from the server itself or a client workstation.
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What is the public IP address of your computers in your internal network when you use a browser to access
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Thanks. That fixed it. I guess what I don't understand is why that happened. We had this all setup and tested months ago and no Forward Lookup Zone was necessary. Then, out of the blue, it stopped working internally.

But, it makes sense that it's a split DNS issue. Kinda figured it was, but just can't put my finger on what changed to make it necessary to implement split DNS.