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needing legitimacy and credibility status of hupstore.com

GMartin asked
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Last Modified: 2020-02-23
Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

           This question is going to be a bit awkward to bring up, but, I must do it for peace of mine.  Basically, I am wondering if someone could check to determine the legitimacy and credibility of a website called hupstore.com.   The reason I am needing this online site checked out is because of their unresponsiveness to my email and online site inquiries regarding a purchase made on January 22, 2020.  I do have an invoice printed out from this transaction with an order number of 7915 if this can possibly help to check on its status.  I do not want to follow up with my credit card company just in case I might be overreacting to this situation.  That said, I prefer to get any advice or recommendations from people here before taking any further measures.

            Thanks in advance for any attention and feedback given to this concern.  I look forward to hearing back from everyone.

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IT Manager
Distinguished Expert 2019
It is very likely that you have encountered a scam website as a WHOIS search indicates that you can never contact the real owner of the website and the registration of its domain is pretty new and only last for one year.



It is a lesson learnt and I think you will not have the product delivered or money refunded.

Any sales record or information is irrelevant as you need to conduct the check of the website before you make a payment.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2019
File a dispute with your credit card company.

If you have a problem with an order, any legitimate company will fix the problem immediately, to avoid a charge back.

Any company who ignores you, forcing you to file a dispute which will result in a charge back, is most likely fraudulent... because if many people file disputes, then the bank or gateway issuing the merchant account will close out this company's merchant account.

File a dispute now, as if you wait to long you'll no longer be able to file a dispute.

Hello George,
As I looked around the site and clicked on everything there was to click on, the only thing I found was a way to send them a message through "contact us." No phone number, no chat help, no physical address, no email address, no physical location not even a country, etc. Maybe I'm wrong and there was something there deep into the FAQ.
General information:
It may depend on where you wish to ship items or have items shipped to you.
If you buy on Ebay most sellers offer free shipping.
If you are shipping an item to another country you need to know that Ebay has a world wide shipping program. I think it might include dozens of countries. But you do not have to pay the postage to all those countries. You pay the postage from your home to Ebay's worldwide shipping hub in Kentucky. I used to cringe in pain thinking about the cost to sell an item to someone in Spain, but the only shipping cost to me was to Ky.
I will try to find more for you on the company in your question.
Revised: I found some reviews but not much else. Maybe others can help you more than I can on this interesting subject.


Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

          I want to provide an update to this concern,    As recommended by David, I went ahead and filed a charge dispute with my credit card company, Discover.  The process was easy to carry out online in addition to the customer service representatives proving to be very helpful in quickly resolving the matter.  A temporary credit has been applied to my account while this matter is being further investigated with the merchant.  

          Thanks, everyone for looking into this matter and sharing your suggestions.