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Microsoft Project MPP Date Range Prompt

I am working with a Microsoft Project MPP File.  When I open the MPP file,  a prompt window will popup and it asks to select a date range.  the prompt window indicates:
Date Range: "Show tasks that start or Finish after",  and then you have to choose a date .Then a second prompt will indicate: Date Range: "And Before"
and you have to choose a second date. I am trying to get rid of this setting / date prompts when I work with this file
I tried changing from automated scheduling to manual scheduling and then saving the file again with a different name
but it didn't work.   Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I would assume that there is either...

- a default view, which relays on a date rage....
--> so check which is the default view in this project file od just chose a different one and save the file.

- a macro, which runs when you open the file.
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