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Unable to remotely connect to new laptop tablet.

I have a new EliteX2 HP tablet.  I works fine on our work network.  It pings out and other PC's can ping it.  However, when remotely accessing this computer via our VPN, we cannot connect to it or ping it.

We can remotely ping and connect to all other assets on the network through the VPN.  The tablet is running Windows 10 Pro and we have temporarily turned off all antivirus, malware and desktop firewalls.  We have also set all network, public and private settings to allow and have verified that remote desktop is enabled and have specifically provided access with three different network accounts.
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Yes, that is what I meant by saying we added 3 user accounts to the remote desktop.  In addition, I can't even ping it when connected via the VPN, which is before the OS even comes into play.
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"I works fine on our work network.  It pings out and other PC's can ping it."

You don't explicitly state you can RDP to it from within your work network.  Is that the case?

What network is the tablet on?  What network does your VPN drop you off on?  Is routing necessary/available between the two, if they're not the same network?  Maybe there's a VLAN involved?

We can RDP to it on our work network.  The tablet is on the same work network as all the office machines.  We have two VPN networks, one to our data center and one to the corporate headquarters.  The Tablet is on the corporate network and we are using AnyConnect to VPN to the headquarters network.  No VLAN's in place.

Generally speaking we can RDP to the tablet from the office.  When we connect via the VPN from our owners home, he can't connect or ping the tablet.  He can connect and ping all other devices from the same offsite location.  Just not the tablet.
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