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face recognition app

I am willing to test face recognition on a sample set of images, to check their quality. The basic idea is to have around 1000 images of people and send the to the app and the test if a specific image is there or not. But I would like to avoid any programming.

Does anyone know an app that I could use?
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Windows , Mac, Linux, Other ??
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Mac preferably.... But I am running parallels (with limited RAM and disk), sou it could also be windows
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I do have  a full licence of Adobe CC. I as not aware that Lightroom could be used for search of face identification/recognition. Is that a special module?
you could import those 1000 pictures (references only) into a catalog. then choose face view by typing 'o' or by menu.

   1. When you begin, go to face view by pressing “o” on the keyboard or clicking the image of the face.
   2. Lightroom will go through your catalog looking for faces. ...
   3. As you start to identify the faces, they will be moved into a Named People Section.

Hi Sara

Something is not ok (this is my first time to Lightroom)

01 . I did open LightRoom
02. It asked me to "add Photos"
03. I selected a special folder dor the test and then clicked add photos
04. I imported all test photos (actually, 2,200 photos)
05. LightRoom removed dups (perfect - but... I am not so sure this is what I really wanted)
06. Closed LightRoom


07. reopened LightRoom (please check screenshot)
08. I can't find the place where the catalog is, but shows the faces (they are from an African Country)
09. I press "o" - the computer buzzes and nothing happens
10. Now I search on all menus for "face" and zilch.... :(  I can't find it...

What am I wrongdoing?
ok. seems you have a different lightroom version. i used lightroom 6.

did you try the 'people' view?

I must dash now... I'll try tonite...
I have found no "people" view....

Please check attached....
I have found no "people" view....

'People' is the 5th icon in 'My Photos' menu.


It worked (finally)

I did not know that there was a LightRoom Classic... I was using LighRoom

Thanks a lot!