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ORA-01033 and "BLOCKED" status on Oracle Instance.

Hello, I'm trying to up an Oracle Database for a customer, and i have a few issues with it.

When i'm on a DOS and type "lsnrctl status <service_name>
i got an answer "Instance <name>, status BLOCKED, comport 1 handler(s) for this service..."
Command Success. (Could be not 100% accurate as I trad myself from french)

In a other hand, when i'm trying to connect with SQLPlus on the DB,  i got the following :
"ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress"

All services linked to Oracle are running exept OracleRemExecServiceV2.

As my lsnrctl start, stop and status gives answers, I dont know if problem comes from my listener.ora/tnsnames.ora (that was the previous problem I got and think have pass through).

Also SQLDeveloper send back the ORA-01033 error too.

The oracle DB version is 12c
OS is Windows Server 2016 64 bits

Blocked Message afterr lsnrctl status

ORA 01033 at login attempt
I've tried to shutdown then startup DB, reload services.
The only thing I got is tnsping answer well.

If you need anything more for precision feel free to ask.

Thank by advance if you have an answer, I digged in many sites but no one give a clear answer that applied well for me.
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>> "ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress"

This means the database isn't open.

Check the alert log for the reason it isn't starting.

Should be in:  E:\Oracle12c\diag\rdbms\instance_name\instance_name\trace

Where "instance_name" is the name of the database.

Mark GeerlingsDatabase Administrator
Yes this may be true: "All services linked to Oracle are running" but the database may still be down!  It is possible for the database to be down, even when all Oracle services are running.

This error clearly tells us that the database is NOT open: "ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress".

As slightwv said, the "alert.log" file for the database should tell you why the database is not open.