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HDMI 1 in 3 out splitter that extends

I need HDMI 1 in 3 out splitter  that will extend to 3 monitors.  Hopefully will be able to order on Amazon or best Buy and will not be expensive.
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Dr. Klahn

How far away will those monitors be?  HDMI has a limited cable length and if the run is over that length then more expensive equipment (more expensive than a simple 4-way splitter) is required.
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CompProbSolv, I went to the link that you provided and it looks like it only does duplication.  The splitter that I want needs to extend where it will be able to show me different displays on each monitor and not duplicate the displays.
I get the impression that what you want is an HDMI adapter that goes into a PC, which has three or more independent HDMI outputs.  Would that be the case?

The Radeon 5570 is an example of such and is modestly priced at $180.
You are correct.  I misunderstood your use of "extend" though it was correct.

I don't believe you'll find what you want as a splitter.  You really want 3 new HDMI ports.  Is this on a desktop or a laptop?  If desktop, then you'd be looking at adding 1 or 2 video cards to get the extra ports.  An alternative would be to use a universal docking station that will add the monitors from a USB-C or Thunderbolt connector.
What I want to do is extend my main screen across multiple monitors (3).  After I plug the monitors into the splitter below are the instructions that I would follow to extend the displays.
On the Windows desktop, right-click on an empty area and select the Display settings option.
Scroll down to the Multiple displays section.
Below the Multiple displays option, click the drop-down list and select Extend these displays.
What Dr. Klahn suggested (Radeon card) should do the job as long as you have a suitable place to install it in your computer.  It would be a better solution than a universal dock if you are able to use it.
I have a laptop computer.
Running Windows 10.
I was hoping I could get away with a HDMI splitter for my Windows 10 laptop.  Would this not be able to be done with a splitter?
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thanks fo all the comments.