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Deleted Gmail - Have a Backup but keeps syncing OLD synced emails up at GMail

I have a client that deleted all of his deleted emails & swears that took alot of his inbox & folders...

I do have a backup of all his emails, but when I replace the .ost as soon as it goes it syncs with GMAIL it re-deletes all of his emails to its current state.

Is there a way to make the OLD .ost be the correct & the GMAIL sync to that ?  I could not find where it was talking about unchecking "cached email"

He is using Outlook & I want to use his OLD .ost to be the correct email & then update from there.

Any direction would be great.  Thank you.
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I think the best option would be to open the backup in a PST file, then copy all this to GMail.

That will create 'new' items in GMail, which won't then get deleted.

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unfortunately I don’t have a .pst file only a .ost ...

as soon as I copy that over the old it shows the ALL his mail but then syncs and updates & goes back to what’s online....
.OST file is only a local cached copy of the messages on server and whenever the email client is connected to the email server via IMAP, the local cached copy will be overwritten by the status of the server.

You need to convert the OST file to PST file before you can upload the emails back to GMail.

There are many free and paid tools to do the conversion. The one below is one of the free tools.
As above - convert the OST.

Also, I would not regard a copy of the OST file as being a backup.

Maybe reconsider going forward :-)

Jackie Man, thanks I will try that converting program..
when I convert the ost, then just IMPORT the .pst, is that how you would handle?


Alan, thanks, I guess it is not a backup but couldn't think how else to explain... I am happy I had that backup of that file... So how else would you backup the ost then??  being that it is fluid online... at least I have that file to recover from it looks like.. what is the best practice them?  Thanks for ur help.
You can backup from Gmail web interface - it generates an mbox file.

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Thank you for all your help!!  I appreciate it & thanks for getting back so quick!