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Multiple lines in a cell w/o increasing column width.

Good evening,
I have another "senior moment". In Excel 2016 if text flows over to another column I know how to increase the column width. However, if I do not wish to do that but maintain the column width there is a short-cut key that will allow me to show the text w/o increasing the column. I have a list of Excels short-cut keys but for the life of me I cannot seem to recognize the short-cut.
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ALT + H +W is the keyboard shortcut for Wrap Text. When Wrap Text is enabled in a given cell, text will spill into subsequent lines within that cell as you continue typing.

ALT + Enter will put any subsequent text you type on the next line within the same cell. It will also turn on Wrap Text, if you haven't done that already.


Word Wrap - there you go. Thanks for reminding me of this. Works as expected.