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Alcatel Switch Configuration

We are getting a new building and it is pre-wired for LAN and is coming with 14 Alcatel-Lucent switches.  The previous occupants are going to wipe the switches to factory defaults.  I am, unfortunately, not familiar with those switches.  Can I get a translation of the following.

Vlan (to add some)
Interface Vlan (To put IP addresses on Vlans for SVI)
IP address x.x.x.x x.x.x.x
Switchport mode trunk
Switchport trunk encapsulation
Switchport trunk allowed
Switchport trunk native vlan 1

Switchport mode access
Switchport access vlan

I also need a routed port
For Cisco it is no switchport and then IP add

Do VLANs get propagated to connected switches using something like VTP?

Basically I am very familiar with Cisco IOS.  I need to configure two 6860s to communicate with 12 6850s, two of which are 6850E-P48.

One of the 6860s will connect to a Cisco ISR and then to the ISP.

Thanks in advance
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The links didn't help much other than what to expect when I start up the switches.  No where did it say how to assign a port to a VLAN, nor how to trunk multiple VLANs to connected switches.
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