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Best Practice when setting up new Server

BBrayton asked
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Last Modified: 2020-02-20
When I setup a new server is it better to have dhcp and DNS running off the router instead of the server.

The reason why I ask is if the server ever goes down they will still be able to have internet.

Especially if our client is far away.
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Principal Support Engineer
The question is a bit too broad, as the answer depends on the environment. Strictly speaking, DHCP isn't needed at all if you've got a small environment and are comfortable using static IP addresses on everything. Obviously, this is far from ideal in a larger environment; nobody wants to manually administer hundreds of static IP addresses. If you are going to use DHCP, where you put it is largely a matter of preference. I prefer to place it on a Windows server, simply because I'm comfortable with the Windows DHCP interface and feel that it gives me a lot of control over the DHCP configuration. If you're comfortable with your router's DHCP interface, and it does everything you need it to, feel free to run DHCP on the router.

DNS also isn't necessary in an environment without an Active Directory domain, but if you've got AD, it's absolutely necessary to put it on a server, ideally a domain controller.

We can probably provide better recommendations if you'll provide some information about your specific environment.


OK thank you!!

I will setup a test environment with DHCP running on the Router, and the DC controlling DNS because it really has to.
DrDave242Principal Support Engineer

Sounds good. Since you will have a domain controller in the environment, make sure you configure the DHCP server to give out the DC's IP address as a DNS server. (If there's only one DC, it should be the only DNS server that domain members use.)