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No Old Unread Emails on Cached Mode

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We have a 2016 RDS terminal server environment. We set Outlook to work for all users off of cached Exchange mode, but no we can see that some users are missing unread emails that are older than a week. To explain it another way, whenever the click on their Unread view they are only seeing emails from the current week and not past weeks. If they then search for a user under Unread they see all the unread emails from that user.

Do you know what could be causing this?
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It is a common problem only occurred in RDS terminal server environment.

How did you set up the RDS terminal server environment? Did you set a network drive to store the ost file for each user?

If not, there will be a latency to show the emails as it may take an hour or so to update the locally cached OST file as when the RDS session is disconnected, the OST file will be gone and needs to be rebuild when users logon to the RDS again.
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Hi Jackie Man, that's a good point, we'll have to take a look at that. Thanks!