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JavaScript code in PDF

I have a PDF with two text fields on it "Today" and "Tomorrow".  I am trying to have the form read the "Today" field and then display "Today" + 1 day in the "Tomorrow" field.  So, if the "Today" text field is 2/18/2020 then the "Tomorrow" text field will read 2/20/2020.  Here is the code I have so far:
this.addScript("init", "var d = new Date(); var f = this.getField(\"Today\"); if (f.value==\"\") f.value = d; var t = this.getField(\"Tomorrow\"); t.value = t.setDate(d+1);")
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The problem that i am having is that the "Tomorrow" field is not populating.
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do you get the Today value populated from your code?
yes. The "Today" field does get populated.

Usually Javascript won't play well into PDF or not at all .
What do you use to generate the PDF?
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leakim971 - the modified version of my code worked perfect.
good to hear!