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Windows 10 Pro -- "SANDBOX" software IMAGE ?

Step 5.5 of https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/143381-windows-sandbox-how-configure-windows-10-a.html shows how to do a FRESH install Google Chrome each time I start my Windows Sandbox.

Does anyone have a QUICK way to load a "SANDBOX" without having to reinstall the software I want on my "SANDBOX" each time I am scanning a file for viruses/etc ?

 1. start "SANDBOX"
 2. scan file via Symantec AntiVirus installed on "SANDBOX"
 3. if Symantec does not find a virus, then open Word/Excel/etc file on "SANDBOX"
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Kent OlsenData Warehouse / Database Architect

The whole idea of a Sandbox is that it starts from a clean baseline and can be built up to be anything you want.

It sounds like you want/need to create and configure a virtual terminal.  Then create a "sandbox" by cloning it.
From the article you linked to "Once Windows Sandbox is closed, all the software with all of its files and state are permanently deleted."

Perhaps a VM that is run from a snapshot would be a solution for you, every time you turn it off, you could revert the snapshot