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Lenovo X270 excessive heating and fan activity

We have a Lenovo X270 that is excessively heating up and often times the fan kicks in even when it's not at peak usage.
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Open the case, use compressed air to clean out dust from the vents and the CPU fan.
Check heatsinks and thermal pads/paste are connected.
Reassemble and test again
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Thanks MASQ, will try.
I'd also check if the System is fully updated with System's low level code such as BIOS/Firmware.
Thanks strivoli, I've done that already.
you can install speedfan- to monitor the temps :
run also a dskchk to be sure about the File system
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" I would not dare to disagree with Masq,"
LOL - this is hardly heresy :)

If the dust is that bad it's certainly easier to remove carefully by hand. My experience with compressed air without opening the case is similar to yours which is why I only recommend clearing it with the case open so you can directly see what's happening.
>>  laptop fans are just not built at the standards that they should be  << yep they save every penny they can, and make sure the lifetime does not exceed 3*4 years average