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Publishing OWA and ActiveSync with Azure App Proxy

cdshreve asked
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Last Modified: 2020-02-20
I would like to use an Azure Application proxy as our single place to go for OWA and ActiveSync having it handle redirecting to the on prem and cloud mailboxes.

We currently are upgrading to Exch 2016 hybrid.  All servers are in place and installed and the hybrid is up and working.  We have OWA.company.com redirected to the owa-company.msappproxy.net address.

I would like to have OWA.company.com  be the single url for OWA and ActiveSync.  we have split DNS and internal is working fine with proper redirects from our old servers - url: webmail.company.com to the new owa.company.com.

so right now OWA and ECP are working but Activesync is not.  If I enable Passthrough auth on the proxy, I can get Activesync to work by pointing it to the owa-company.msappproxy.net address but not the OWA.company.com that simply forwards to that same address.  Certs are installed where we have the redirect (AWS).

Any Help would be appreciated!
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