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no wi-fi on Samsung tablet

The user has a Samsung tablet that will not connect to the wi-fi. It just does a continuous search but never connects. She says she even tries her home wi-fi and no good. I had her reset the router, then try that. She is not in airplane mode and the wi-fi is turned on. she has not yet cleaned the cache as she will try tonight and let me know tomorrow. What else could I look at to see why not? I tried to connect her and use the wi-fi we have at work with a guest account, not working?

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Dennis Miller

8/22/2022 - Mon
Dr. Klahn

Is the tablet seeing any WiFi networks?  If not, then it's probably an issue in the WiFi chip and -- given that it is a tablet -- that may not be fixable.

Is this a new tablet, or a model that has been around for a while?
Kesavan Jeganarayanan

Generally force restart the device and turn on will work. 

Check for the software update (in Settings) and update it. 

Try turn off the Bluetooth and check the WiFi again. 

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Dennis Miller

Alright, what is Wi-Fi+ I know wi-fi and it is turned on but never heard of Wi-Fi+?
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Hello There

Sorry. Mistake. That's the function on some Andriod phones.
Dennis Miller

No problem. I thought you were teaching me a new thing I have never seen. Yes, her Wi-Fi was on and I did make sure airplane mode was off. I agree with believing it is the android itself with the issue. It sees other networks and if I try to add one it starts fine but never adds it and just spins. Great help though. Thanks.
Hello There

You are welcome!
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Dennis Miller

Thanks to all. All answers were very helpful. Never too old to learn.
Didier Vx

Is your issue resolved ? If not, have you tried a hard reset ?
Dennis Miller

I just checked back with the user and she tried a few things when she was at home and yes, the chip has to be bad. She sees other networks and I have the password to our Wi-Fi at work and she still cannot connect. I had her call the vendor and tell them as her android is still under warranty. Once I found that out, I stopped and told her to call them, but I agree that it is the unit and not the software. Thanks. This was the best answer.
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