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Help with merging and emailing data

I have an excel sheet with Names, email and passwords
I want to send an email to each individual on the list with their password, also with some text explaining what it is used for.
I guess I could use word and merge the excel sheet data
But don't know how I can get it to send separate emails to the individual
Any ideas or guidance please

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Rob Henson
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Mail Merge in Word has option to send email rather than letter
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Kesavan Jeganarayanan
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Hi Kesavan

I managed to get the word document with the excel links ok
Then at stage 6 it says Electronic Mail
So select that and I get the Merge to email box as you have shown above
It says To Email which is correct
Format HTML

So I select Ok
Nothing happens, no emails sent

Any ideas
Hi Kesavan

If I select the preview Results Nothing happens
Hi Kesavan
OK if I preview results it shows the first name etc
Hi Kesavan
Do I need to say send, wherever the command is

Do you have outlook as default mail application? 

Hi Kesavan

I am sure I do, how do I check?

Click windows key and type default apps, check you have outlook. 

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Hi Kesavan
Ok was not set, have now set it to outlook
But still not sending emails!!
Hi Kesavan
I have tried it on another PC making sure the default mail is outlook and it works
Thanks all of you for your help