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Excel If Than statement.

I want to bring data from one spreadsheet to another, if a field is 'No', then pull comments from D5 over to another sheet.  

So one sheet - D5 is 'Yes' or 'No' - if 'No' and D6 are comments.  I would like the data to appear on another sheet.  

If 'Sheet1' - D5 = 'No' then pull data from 'Sheet1' - D2.   Thanks Experts.
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It states: if Sheet1.D5 is 'No' then copy Sheet1.D6 to this cell.

Think the cell references should be other way round:

Formula in D6 =IF(Sheet1!D5="No",Sheet1!D2,"")
If the formula is placed in cell D6 of Sheet1 you don't need the Sheet1 reference:

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Thank you.  I was close, was missing the sheet name before D6.   I appreciate it.  Have a good day.

Thanks, you too  : )