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Where can I find a Excel 2016 MACRO?

I have a weird problem. 4 users access the same file on a shared drive, only 2 of the 4 have the MACRO listed under Macros in the same file. How can I find where this macro is located.
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Is the macro stored as a personal macro (for the two that DO have access)?

Do the other two users have the Developer tab visible?

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I enabled the Developer tab on all machines. They all work off the same file so I am wondering how 2 can have the MACRO the others don't. No Personal macro enabled on the ones that are working.
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If it shows you a reference to the macro instead of the macro itself, keep pressing Find Next until you see it.
Thanks Martin. I will attempt this tomorrow. Users are gone for the day.
Try it yourself. Can you find it? If so what does the declaration look like?
I don't have access to the file. It's Healthcare. We have to wait for the users to return.
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Arana (G.P.)

it may be an excel setting, open excel,
options/trust center/trust center settings, go to the MACRO SETTINGS
see if macros are disabled, you have some options like, disable aall macros, disable all macros with notification, enable all, etc, also depending how your users are opening the file (web or local or share) document may open in protected view mode, check protected view also under trust center settings.

if your macros are inside the document that should solve it, if your macro is in a separate template file, and maybe even over the network, you would have to check permissions for each of the users that cannot load them.
Thank you. I did check those setting are all ok.
Can you try opening your file using a WORKING users credentials in a NON working users PC?, this would discard any permissions problem and will isolate the problem to a local excel configuration or local or user policy
Thanks for the assist guys. The user is ok now.
You’re welcome and I’m glad I was able to help.

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