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Can NEXUS 2232PP 10GE FABRIC EXTENDER be used for additional UCS Fabric Interconnect server ports?

I am needing extra server ports to my Cisco UCS 6248UP fabric interconnect. I already have the
expansion module but I need still more ports. The Cisco config limits doc notes

There is a limit of twenty FEX for each UCS domain. For example, you can either have ten 2232 FEX for each FI or a combination of ten chassis and ten FEX.
Does that refer to the 2232PP FEX in the second URL below? So long as I purchase the license would that allow me to add more chassis?


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The number of 2232PPs you could add depends on the number of chassis you already have connected to the FIs - remember that each chassis has a FEX in it - a 2204, 2208. or 2304. You can't add chassis to a 2232PP FEX although you could connect C-class UXCS servers to it. You are also limited to 20 chassis and a maximum of 160 servers in total.