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Preventing the illegal downloading of copyrighted movies in a condo building

My client is a property management firm that manages two condo buildings that offer free wifi to the tenants, about two hundred per building.  

The client's ISP, Cox Communications, has sent notices that Cox has received complaints about illegal downloading and distributing of copyrighted materials.  I assume one or more people living in these buildings are running peer-to-peer file sharing clients, like BitTorrent.  What is the best on-premise solution to satisfy Cox that we're doing all we can to prevent this use of our Internet connection?
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If COX is able to provide MAC address information for the offending device(s) you can block the device(s) from accessing the wireless

Content filtering could help, blocking torrent sites, known file sharing sites, etc

Personally if you haven't already you may want to consider either ending the "Free" wifi
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The best solution, per Ken above, is to drop the free WiFi.  It's not only people in the buildings using it; it's everybody in the entire neighborhood -- WiFi passwords will be leaked and known by everybody within a mile a day after changing them.

If the tenants still want "free" WiFi, suggest that they form an LLC to provide it to building tenants.  New tenants can be offered the opportunity to pay for it in advance when they move in.  This gives them an incentive to keep the password secret, nobody is forced to join, performance issues or bandwidth hogs aren't the property owner's problem -- and when The Law descends upon the LLC, the property owner is not involved.


Put some nextgen firewall between it or make sure the access points can block such traffic. I have worked with meraki AP's or sophos firewalls, they can block traffic like p2p. It will cost money....

Otherwise check the current solution, maybe it is capable of blocking different types of traffic.

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Thanks for your suggestions!