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Problem with Attachments sent to Yahoo Email

I have a problem sending email attachments from my Outlook account to various Yahoo email accounts.  The email arrives fine, but the attachments are somehow corrupted into something that cannot be opened.  Below is a screen shot of the message I get when I attempt to download a PDF file, though the same happens with Word attachments.  And there is no "open" option available.  It seems as though all the attachments are renamed to some version of "":

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Please help.


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I see you get winmail.dat. If this is it and you are running your own Mail Server (such as Exchange) you should change Exchange behaviour with TNEF.
Verify if some email you get with .pdf attachments provides the open option or all .pdf attachments produce this behavior.
Are you using Yahoo! Mail app or Chrome browser?
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Strivoli, I don't understand what you said.  David, all PDF and Word attachments produce the same result.  Jackie, I get my Yahoo mail from the Yahoo mail site using Chrome.
How were the emails being sent?

Using from a Chrome browser?
The emails were sent from Outlook 365.  To check out whether the sending device could be the culprit, I tried sending an email to the Yahoo account from Gmail, and the attachment worked.  So how do I fix the problem with attachments sent from my Outlook to my Yahoo accounts?
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