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Report - Add "My Group"

Experts, I have a report and I need to add a “My Group” to this report in the query developer.

If [DateSentToBank] is not null and [DateOfIssueSB] is null then “Pending”
If [DateOfIssueSB] is NOT null then “Issued”
So, if at anytime, [DateOfIssueSB] is not null then its "Issued" but if [DateOfIssueSB] is null and [DateSentToBank] is not null then "Pending"

The below is not correct but It would look something like this:
MyGroup: IIf(Nz([DateSentToBank],"") and notisnull([DateOfIssueSB]) "Issued","Pending"))
I dont think I can use notisnull like I am doing.

I might be going about it the wrong way, open to any new suggestions how to do this.  

Thank you
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Gustav Brock
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Hi Gustav,

Nice. That works great!  Thank you much...

You are welcome!

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