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GPO startup script dependent on multiple files. HowTo implement?

I'm working on setting up GPO Windows Startup Scripts.  There's one thing that I don't fully understand:

I have a working script that I'd like to use.  It's not so terribly important that I actually do that but it raises this question nonetheless:
I read this:
            ○ Show Files: Displays the script files that are stored in the selected GPO.
Since I'm just getting started, I don't quite understand the context.

The script I have calls or refers to other files.  I can well imagine having them all in the same folder or PATH and that they would work together simply by being there that way.
But, it's not clear to me how to "store files in the selected GPO" along with the script file that I'm starting with.
I guess I could just put them *all* in an altogether different folder?  But that seems deviant and not an excursion that I want to pursue really.

How do *you* do it?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

While in GOP view the folder, place the additional files. You can enable the option that will display the files in the folder while your startup only directs the running of one file.

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Kevin Hsieh:  Oh I was afraid of that!!  :-)  Thanks!

arnold:  I rather expected something like that - as Kevin Hsieh indicates.  But I don't understand what you said exactly and don't know how you meant to either "view the folder"  NOR "place the additional files".  Is there a nice way to do that short of navigating to \\ad.domain.com\SYSVOL\GUID\startup\scripts\  ??  That would be good to know - so I ask.....
I guess I'm asking: does this have to be done using a command prompt or is there a way to do it with the GUI?  
Dropping in the script is quite easy but can that be duplicated with other files?

A related question:
When I run the script I have now it runs in a command prompt and it takes quite a while to run.  Well, long enough that I'd not want to watch it when I'm starting up the computer!
But, I do see quite a bit of delay for each command in some cases - for example when making firewall rules / settings.
Is this normal if run in a GPO?
It would be easier and perhaps even more robust to run it at every startup.

While you are using gomc and editing the gpo computer configuration, startup you can browse which opens the folder you can then drop the files you need and within the startup scrip use relative paths.

Much depends on the script and what the requirements are, are you using a script to set firewall rules versus using administrative templates to manage  some firewall rules.

Synchronous or asynchronous. It is a setting you can set that the system have to have a network connection and run scripts synchronously.
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arnold:  I just have a script that was run individually on each computer and it sets firewall rules.  So, no administarative templates right now.    That can change.

The issue delaying the run of script might be that the network had not setup.

Michael depends on what you are setting. Commonly once set it is permanent where a check of the setting and if different set.

Thanks all!
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