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Access Udate Query

I have a Access table (tblExcelProductivity) that includes FullName, FieldOffice, Mnth , and Goal. I would like to use an update query to update the Maximum Goal number with 0 for each like record based on FullName, FieldOffice and Mnth. For example below, Mary has 2 records in Arlington in the month of DEC with Goals of 45 and 67.2. In this case 0 would be updated 67.2 the max for the 2 records.

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Your sample file has zero lengh. Please, uplad it again an show there expected result

Why shouldn't Mary's 67.2 not be updated to 45?

All other entries are doubled.

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I've attached the expected results


This is not possible. Sometimes it is the last record that should be set to 0, sometimes the (two) first:



That can only be done manually.

Why not update 0 to both records in that case

Do you have any key field (record number) in your table? Can we add it?

I can add one

Normally this a somewhat easy case except of the one with the "PHILIP" entry as mentioned by Gustav...which kind breaks the rules..

I prepared a small application that takes care of it..and it functions in all cases besides the order in  "PHILIP"

take a look (the results are put in Goal2 field)


John - I get an error on line         firstValue = .Fields("Goal") -variable not defined
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