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Issues down the road for disabling users' access to 'Settings'; equiv app for Wifi SSID selection

sunhux asked
I've got an app "App Lock Master" that will require user
to draw a pattern (sort of PIN) before you can acces it.
It's Android tablets.

I use this app to block "PlayStore" & "Settings" so that
users can't download any app or go into "Settings" to:

a) use "Applications Manager" to deinstall 'App Lock Master'
    after which user will be able to download any apps again
b) stop user from disabling "automatic updates" (for patch)
c) enable back "Developers Option"

The users are actually our customers who are all over the

What are the potential drawbacks that I may face in future
by disabling access to "Settings"?  Users can still enable/
disable Wifi, Mobile Data by scrolling down the options
from the top so disabling 'Settings' doesn't hinder this.

We want the users to use the Android tablets for our
dedicated purpose only & not for any other purpose
(browsing the Net, Youtube etc)
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1 limitation came to mind:

Can users select the SSID to connect to without going into "settings"?

if users connect to different Wifi/SSID & need to enter the password
to connect, can this be entered without going into "Settings" ?


Is there an app that allows me to select SSID to connect to
& enter the password   OR  I can create sort of 'Shortcut'
that's equivalent to "Wifi selection, including entering the


Another thing came to mind: what if user change SIM card?
Does he need to go into 'Settings' & if so any app out there
could do this function instead?
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You need to deploy the Android devices using MDM to do what you want.

No apps can make real restrictions for system settings.