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Apple Watch not registering live steps or stairs

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Last Modified: 2020-02-25
Hope an expert with experience in th subject help.  I have an Apple Watch series 5.  Previously I used FitBit.  I just noticed that my AW does not register my steps or stairs as accurate as my Fitbit did.  Example I would walk and look at the AW and no change, until it decided when to change the AW meter and the iPhone activity apps.  Yet with with the Fitbit, as I walk or do stairs, it would count as i did my walk/stairs, no siting you would see it live.

So, is this a flaw in Apple Watch or is there a configuration I’m unaware of?
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So, is this a flaw in Apple Watch or is there a configuration I’m unaware of?
No, its not a flaw .. in summary .. FitBit is a fitness device with mobile phone integration for messaging etc.  Apple Watch is a mobile device with fitness tracking capabilities.  The FitBit is more oriented towards step counting but the Apple Watch focuses more on calories burned  .. both devices have slight variations in their measurement systems but they use arm movements for step counting which will always have weaknesses.  The Apple Watch uses more GPS data to stop counting 'steps' when you're driving, in an elevator etc. which the fitbit is a bit less capable of.  On the Apple Watch you have to specifically switch into the fitness APPS as the watch can do so much more than just step counting whereas the FitBit has this as its primary function.

There is a CALIBRATION option on the Apple Watch which involves a 20 minute walk .. have you done that?

According to this article the distance/steps counter on the Apple Watch are favourably accurate once the device is calibrated.


Thank u very much!