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win 10 > Search for a file - find it - then right click "Open file location" like in win 7 - where has it gone?

I miss this open file location

Is it forever gone ?
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Hello There

It's not gone. It's still there and working.
Can you post more details about your issue?
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In win 7 search for a file in my docs
Its found in a sub folder some where ....
In WIn 7 right click the file and "open file location" does just that.

In Win 10 that option from the menu is gone !
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Bill Prew

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I’m using Win 10. What op sys is that ?
windows 10.

User generated imageJust to confirm Bill's posting

I know what it is ..... I’m using one drive ! doooh. so no option to open file locations ! that’s a major pain in the ass ...

from the desktop you open your OneDrive folder

User generated image

bizarre .... on one win 10 laptop looking at my one drive it has open file location and another win 10 laptop (my main work laptop it’s not there when I search for a file ...

so its still a feature - it’s just my win 10
laptop is an arse

the plot thickens

I can't reproduce the problem, but you might want to take a look at these two articles in case there is anything useful relative to what you are seeing.  Try the utility (ShellExView) mentioned in the first one too and see if any clues there...


I was working to 4am on Sunday night ... Pls forgive me EE peoples. Win 7 is different to Win 10 when you search for a file that already in the root.   Its a Nuance of Win 10  


So I have a folder with a mix of sub folders in it and 1000s of files with 100s in the root folder.  

Its so happened that all the ones I searched for were in the root of the main folder (100s there) .... so right click and open file location ... (I was in the location) So there there is no "open file location" on the menu in Win 10. BUT In win 7 there is in this case.

Ive used Win 7 for years and only recently went to Win 10.

Dont know how I will close this one.

As Kojak wouuld say ...Id hate to see the paper work on this one ...

Another thing that springs to mind ...

Treat Me Like a Fool

If I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying that when your search results included some files in the base folder of that search, and you right click on one of those files. "open file location" is not in popup list?

If so, that's different than I am seeing here, it's still in the list on my Win10 system.


Bill Prew - Its working now!

Its an on/off thing.  I cant explain whats happening

My laptop is gas Lighting me, its obvious now ...   (Im laughing here)

Please see link

Certainly been there, although more likely Windows is the culprit not the hardware.  Sometimes Windows thinks things are different and produces different results, even when we think / know we are doing the same thing.

Make sure you are "testing" with the same type of file (extension) too, it seemed like some things I read indicated that different file types and their associated applications could behave differently in this area.


Bill Prew - Its anomaly.  If everything worked perfectly as expected there wouldnt be so many jobs in IT

The world and Windows is an imperfect thing ...

So how to close this monster of a question ...

If you think it's resolved just pick one or more comments that indicate what the solution was.  If there isn't one yet you can add a new one summarizing.  Then if desired, select any expert comments that either directly contributed to the solution, or were helpful for you.

Turns out this is an ON/Off issue. An anomaly that I can live with.

Thanks for the help and guidance in the early hours of the morning when my machine is playing games with me rather than me it !