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How to get a mouseover and a click on the "data-toggle" link

Here's my code:

@foreach($videos as $video)
									<td><a data-toggle="modal" href="#video_player-{{ $video->id }}">{{ $video->title }}</a></td>
									<td style="text-align:center;"><a href="{{ url('/admin/show/video/' .$video->id) }}">edit</a> | <a data-toggle="modal" href="#deletePostModal-{{ $video->id }}">delete</a></td>

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Bottom line: When the user clicks on the title of the video they get a popup that allows them to view the actual file.

I want to incorporate another feature, however, in that when the user hovers over the video title, they get a tooltip that lets them see the thumbnail associated with that file.

I can see how it's done, at least as far as being able to view some simple text like this:


But how do I get two different functionalities to exist side by side with one being activated with a mouseover, the other with a click - both of which, apparently require the "data-toggle" dynamic?


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