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Tools that will notify me once after my MS Windows server 2008 R2 has been rebooted.


Would like to know whether there is a tool that can notify me (via email or SMS) once after my PC or server has been rebooted accidentally?

Since I found one of my personal server (MS Server 2008 R2) will be rebooted several times a day without any understandable reasons in the Windows event log.  Of course, this need to be solve rather than just monitoring.  But before that, I need to know when it has been rebooted.  Since there is a program that need to run constantly on the server, if it has been rebooted, I need to RDP that server and at least login and run the program again.  May I know whether any tools that can notify me once after my server has been rebooted?  Thanks a lot.

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Similar to the task scheduler method by Nobus, this way is simple by right clicking event 1074 as Kesavan mentioned, and choosing Attach Task To This Event

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If this is a VM, you can set it up in VMware vSphere via Alerts on the virtual machine.

You can also use Task Scheduler and create a task to execute (= send an email) at system startup so you get an email notification after the system reboots.
Task Scheduler -> Create Task -> Trigger = At startup -> Action = Send an email

It's also possible to create a task that executes at system shutdown so you will get the email when the server shutdowns. However, it will not work if the system crashes.