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Enable local admin account

We have about 300 Windows servers. The local administrator account is disabled. I would like to enable the to rest the password.
Is there any ps script which you can share with me to enable the administrator account?
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Hello There

You should be able to use GPO for this.

Or you can try Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) by Microsoft:

Alternative 3rd party solution:
Netwrix Bulk Password Reset

I like the last one. It seems to be really simple to use.
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I just want to enable the local admin , I have a third party solution to reset the password, unfortunately it will not enable the disabled account.
Then use GPO for this.

If you prefer enable local admin account with a command line, there is an option:
net user administrator /active:yes

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what is the nature of the disabled account? why not create/add a new one and manage it.
Thank you all, my question is how to enable a local account using PS script for a few computers?
Something like
Get-ADComputer -Filter { (ObjectClass -eq "Computer")
then output the result in a txt file and enable the admin account one at a time.
GPO will do the job.

Create a new GPO and go to: Computer configuration -> Policies -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Security Options. On Right Pane click on Accounts: Administrator account status and change the settings to Enabled. Apply the policy to all desired computers.

If you want a script, deploy the startup script with GPO that contains:
net user administrator /active:yes

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