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IP Address and DNS Scope for Hyper-V VM with AD, DNS and DHCP

HyperV  VM  IP addressing questions.

I have setup a test server i want to take live and have made some progress but wondering about IP addressing under the circumstances below.

My server is Windows Server 2016 Standard and it's the host.
It's ipV4 is set to automatically detect from an ethernet port on my wireless router.

That ethenet from the router is connected to the built in ethernet port on my server.
It's ip from the wifi box is
Gateway is

I added a Hyper V Switch that is connected to a hardware ethernet card installed INSIDE the server

I have a VM of Windows Server 2016 Standard.
I have added the following roles:  AD, DNS, DHCP

So I want my test laptop to connect to the AD Domain to be in the 10.0.0.?  range

Overall, I want to know how i need to setup all the ip addressing, such as:

What ipv4 address should the Hyper-V Switch be? (Its on that ethernet card I added and I have the Hyper-V Switch pointed to that card)
What ipv4  and DNS scope info so I need as it relates to the AD, DNS and DHCP (scope?)
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A virtual switch doesn't have an IP address

Having 2 dhcp servers on the network will cause problems.     Since you can never predict which one will respond first and assign the network address to the client. 

What I would do is use a internal switch type and have 2 virtual machines.. your client test machine and the domain server.  This way they are isolated from your everyday network.                                                                                 


Internal Switch type?