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RPG-source with WSDL2RPG.SH

Hi Experts,

After generating a RPG-source with WSDL2RPG.SH, I have an unknown element.
I like to know why the generator added this and what to do with it.

Simplified Example:
<xsd:element name="Lines" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
                  <xsd:element name="Line" type="xsd:string"/>

The program generates the variables:

I realy don't know what the .Type field is (it's a Int(10) field), its not part of the wsdl
And I don't know what to do with it (not in the manual)
On this moment I can fill the .Size field with the required repeats, but its excluded from the XML with:

<ns1:Lines xsi:nil="true"></ns1:Lines>

While debuging I see that the elements are filled and the size is set to the required value.
In the logging I checked and  its not part of the XML.
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Gary Patterson, CISSP
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Hi Gary,

I already generated several webservices, and never used this .Type value.
So I checked and until now all XML's where String only fields, so value zero seems to work.
In my example it was ony string information, in the real program there also Date and Time types :-(

So using XSDC_USER_TYPE was the solution.
So why making all these types when XSDC_USER_TYPE is working for all alements?

Thanks !!!!
Thanks !!!!!!